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Provincial Council of Bizkaia

The government of the Historical Territory of Bizkaia is the Provincial Council, one of the main institutions of the Basque Autonomous Community. It carries out a wide range of functions such as tax collection, urban planning, roads and public works, environment, cultural heritage or social welfare. Among other functions, the regional institution also manages the roads and paths of the territory, public works, or cultural and environmental heritage. The mission of the Provincial Council is to promote economic development by facilitating decisions that allow the generation of jobs.

Bilbao Council

The city council collaborates through Bilbao Ekintza, which is a municipal entity that promotes the generation of economic and social wealth for Bilbao, promoting the city as an attractive destination for investment, the creation and growth of companies, improving opportunities for access to employment. Facilitating the growth of companies in its environment, supporting growth and access to new markets, promoting the development of local economic activity that guarantees the quality of life in the city and becoming a benchmark in attracting events, which position it as an international benchmark for tourism and economic activity.


The best company specialized in automation of industrial processes.

Departament of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the largest in the UPV/EHU, with around one hundred and forty people teaching in seven different centres, on the three campuses. He is responsible for teaching and research in the following areas: mechanical design and manufacturing, materials and structures, and industrial building. Its main mission is the preparation of students in the field of their specialty, bearing in mind that at the end of the career they must have reached the skills that allow them to fully develop the profession of engineer. The department is committed to its industrial environment so that it has cooperation ties with companies through joint projects and collaborative relationships for the transfer of knowledge. As a result of this, a series of lines of research have resulted, which throughout these years have led to numerous Doctoral Theses, within a Doctoral Program that has achieved the mention of Excellence.


Hi-Sport is a company that offers preparation, reparation, manteniance, technical support and counselling to competitive, sport and any kind of motorcycles. It also offers motorcycles, helmets, clothes and other accesories.

Department of Thermal Engines and Machines

The Department of Thermal Engines and Machinery belonging to the UPV/EHU is responsible for teaching and research in the following areas: Thermodynamics, Heat Transmission, Heat Engines and Energy Technology. The research work currently developed in the Department is varied as corresponds to our Area of Knowledge, Machines and Thermal Engines, where different fields come together, such as thermodynamics, thermotechnics, thermal engines, thermal installations, etc. The research work carried out in the Department always aims to present to society proposals for improving energy efficiency in order to contribute to sustainable development.

Department of Electronic Technology

The Department of Electronic Technology belonging to the UPV/EHU is responsible for teaching and research in the following areas: The specialization in Electronic Systems, Virtual Instrumentation and Project Development, Design and simulation of advanced electronic circuits, Telecommunications in industry and Maintenance of industrial devices, Electronic design and simulation, Electronic systems for energy conversion, Microelectronics and embedded systems. In its lines of research, many students, fellows and doctoral students are trained. Subsequently, since Electronics is a strategic area in many companies in the environment.