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Bizkaia EIB Bilbao TeamMotostudent Petrol & Electric Team

We design and manufacture racing motorcycles.

Bizkaia EIB Bilbao TeamMotostudent Petrol & Electric Team

Our 6 motorcycles have participated in the Motostudent championship

Bizkaia EIB Bilbao TeamMotostudent Petrol & Electric Team

This team makes the impossible possible

Bizkaia EIB Bilbao TeamMotostudent Petrol & Electric Team

MotoStudent International Competition, a challenge between University Student teams among all over the world.

Bizkaia EIB Bilbao TeamMotostudent Petrol & Electric Team

Thanks to our sponsors this project has been able to come to life


The team united by the same dream, works together for a common goal, Engineering.


The knowledge acquired at the university is worth as a basis for optimizing our design.


All the work is rewarded in the final test, the race.

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About the team

Bizkaia esi Bilbao is an academic project that has its focus primarily on teaching activity. Its goal is to offer a complementary practice within the study areas of Escuela superior de ingeniería de Bilbao to everyone that desires to freely join. Hence, the project is supported in the motostudent competition, which is rganized by the moto engineering foundation, which is sponsored by Dorna and other companies. Dorna is the company that manages world's motogp Championship as well as Superbikes'. Our team is formed by engineering students, among we can find students that studying industrial engineering (degree and master),especialized in mechanic, electronic, manufacturing and thermal energetic as well as formed students of master in mechanical engineering

  • Design and manufacturing of electric and combustion motorcycles.
  • Structural and Fatigue analysis (FEM)
  • Optimization of the engine's electric management.
  • Machining Simulations (CAM) and manufacturing in CNC machines
  • Design, electrical and mechanical configuration of the battery speck.
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Team Members





October 2020


Our Sponsors

Diputación Foral de Bizkaia

The government of the Territory of Biscay is "Bizkaia Foru Aldundia", one of the main institutions of the Basque Country. It is headed by the Deputy General counsel (Unai Rementeria) and carries out a wide series of functions such as ...

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Bilbao Council

Bilbao Ekintza is a municipal entity that promotes the generation of economic and social wealth for Bilbao, empowering the city as an attractive destination for investment, business creation...

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Hi-Sports is a company that offers preparation, technical support and counselling to competitive motorcycles. Moreover, the company is official supplier...

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Departamento de Ingeniería Mecánica

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the most representative departments in the UPV / EHU, with around one hundred and forty people Thee department teach in seven different centers, on the three campuses. He is responsible for teaching and research in ...

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Departamento de Máquinas y Motores Térmicos

The Department of Thermal Engines and Machines belongs to the UPV / EHU and is responsible for teaching and research in the following areas: Thermodynamics, Heat Transmission, Thermal Engines and Energy Technology. The members investigative about ...

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Departamento de Tecnología Electrónica

The Department of Electronic Technology belongs to the UPV / EHU and is responsible for teaching and research in following areas: The specialty in Electronic Systems, Virtual Instrumentation and Development of ...

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Promoto is the main Yamaha dealer in Bizkaia. It is also in charge of preparing and consulting ...

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